Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 2009 Playthings article about puzzles

An interesting article in the latest issue of Playthings magazine about puzzles. As a catagory, puzzles are holding up well during these tough economic times. Especially innovative puzzles like those that the Lafayette Puzzle Factory produces.

And as a bonus in the article, my good friend and former co-worker, Tracey Jackson from Fundex is quoted.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Magazine and parent groups are starting to announce their awards for the best toys of 2009.

Lafayette Puzzle Factory will be appearing on some of these lists.

Stay tuned for details!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last week was the annual Licensing Show in Las Vegas. Previously this show has been held in New York City. This was its first year in Las Vegas. I thought the change of venue was great.

This is one of the most fun shows I attend in a year. I am on the buying end of the transactions, which is always more fun than going to a show knowing that you have to be selling all the time.

But more than that, the booths are all fun. The latest movies, TV shows and cartoons are all trying to catch peoples attention. The highlight for me was getting a picture taken with Bumblebee the Transformer and sitting in the real Speed Racer. And not the new movie version. This is the car from the original TV show. The one I used to watch after school on channel 32 WFLD in Chicago. I can not think of another 70's star I would rather meet.

This week our first puzzles should be hitting store shelves in Canada. Most are being sold through a nationwide distributor so I am a little unclear on specific retailers carrying our items. But the entire catalog is available. I cannot wait to hear how my friends to the north like the line. Canada is a great puzzle market and puzzlers in Canada know puzzles. They are not easily fooled by low quality offerings.

The first person to send me a picture of a Lafayette Puzzle Factory puzzle on a shelf in Canada will win an official piece of Lafayette Puzzle Factory marketing give away. Bonus points if you buy the puzzle and include a receipt of purchase with a glowing review.

If you are a canadian retailer who carries puzzles, drop me a note and I will make sure someone calls you about adding Lafayette Puzzles to your puzzle section.


Sorry for the long delay between posts. A few of yourhave written me e-mails asking for updates. And while I like sending out personal updates, I think this is easier for everyone.

Two weekends ago I traveled to Dewey Beach, Delaware for the wedding of Alex and Elissa. It was a great time. The wedding took place on Dewey Bay. Our hotel was right on the Atlantic Ocean. It was a nice hotel, but the lobby reminded me of the lobby at the Tower of Terror, with better light and less dust. And the elevator behaved as an elevator should.
The weather was perfect and many of our friends from around the country were there. The bride was radiant, the bridesmaids breathtaking and the groomsmen looked very...Scottish. Scottish? Yes, Scottish in our wool kilts. Its hard to dress up four 40 year old guys, but some how Alex thought of a way. I have been in a few weddings, but this was the first one that I ever wore a skirt too. And I liked it. Good luck to Alex and Elissa. And thanks for inviting us.