Thursday, January 1, 2009

How did you spend New Year’s Eve? We took our kids bowling with a large group of friends late in the afternoon and then went to dinner with a small group of adults. But before we left for dinner, we opened a puzzle. The kids spent the evening putting it together. Even today we are still working on it as a family.

Putting together a puzzle on New Year’s Eve and Day is something my family has done since I was a young child. It is something I have continued with my kids.

Puzzles are a great family activity. And to further my point about the enduring value of puzzles, the puzzle we are doing is from Springbok and was made in 1979. I know we should be doing a Lafayette Puzzle Factory puzzle, but we have been putting LPF puzzles together for the last few months. The kids decided they wanted to pick an old puzzle from our toy closet in the basement.

Are there any traditions you have for New Years? Tell me about them.


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