Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am a huge Purdue fan. Last week, four players from the Purdue Mens team came to talk to my sons basketball teams. It was a really great event and the Purdue players all were outstanding.

One of the "stars" was Bobby Riddell. He is a hometown hero having attended the local high school. He ended up walking on the Purdue team 4 years ago and is now a scholarship player. Tonight he had a great game against Penn St. scoring 13 points and getting 4 assists and a blocked shot.

I think what impressed the kids was that Bob looked like a regular person. Maybe even an older brother. He is 5' 9". And he plays in the Big Ten on a top 20 team. He does this because he works harder than anyone else. And he is always ready so that when opportunities do present themselves he can excel. I think that is the real secret. Too many players in his position (maybe the 12th man on the bench) would find it easy to get on the team and just relax. Weeks go by when he does not play in a game. Then all of a sudden he is called on and he is ready.

I have no idea how long my kids will play basketball. But I hope when they hear lessons like this they realize they can apply them to all aspects of their lives. In school, with friends, and someday jobs.

Always be ready. Opportunities will present themselves and you want to be ready.


PS: Robbie Hummel, JaJuan Johnson, and Ryne Smith were all very impressive too. They encouraged the kids to do their homework and keep their grades up. All the right things. After they visited, I am an even bigger fan of each of them.

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