Friday, February 20, 2009

I have always wondered about the Select Comfort bed. The whole bed seems a bit gimmicky, but still, I wondered...what is my number? Rush Limbaugh and others have a number. But what is mine?

This week I found out. I stayed at a Radisson for one night in Ohio. It was a nice hotel and in response to the Heavenly Bed craze, they have Select Comfort beds (they might be knock offs, I did not see the Select Comfort name, but I also did not look to close... I was busy trying different settings). NOTE: I just checked the Select Comfort web site and they are the official bed for Radisson. My results are official.

First off, there are two different settings. There is a setting for each side of the bed. Seems like a good idea. But I had trouble figuring out if I was laying on the left or right side. I could not decide if left or right referred to looking at the bed from the foot or laying on the bed looking at the ceiling. It turns out left or right refers to looking at the bed from the foot of the bed. Of course this is confusing since you set your number by laying on the bed looking at the ceiling. So when you are laying there it feels like you should be using the opposite sides button settings. After several tries I figured out I was on the right side of the bed (left looking at the ceiling).

The bed is pre-set to 65 when you lay down. That was too hard. I adjusted the bed (you have to be laying down while adjusting and you can "feel" the firmness change.

Next I tried 15 (the control is digital and moves in 5 digit increments). Way to soft (I felt like Goldielocks).

After several more tries I settled on 35. Not to firm, not to soft...just right.

I now feel part of the club. I can not wait for the next time I am with a group of people and we start talking about mattresses (puzzles and mattresses, no wonder I never get invited anywhere). I will be able to say with confidence, " I am a 35."


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