Monday, August 24, 2009

Congratulations to Philadelphia baseball player Eric Bruntlett for turning only the 2nd unassisted triple play for the final 3 outs in a game ever! And only the 15th unassisted triple play of all time. Eric's parents live just down the road from us and he attended Harrison High School. I also learned he is a Stanford grad. Talk about a good role model. Eric seems to fit the bill.

A career .240 hitter, but now part of the history books. You never know when you will get your opportunity to shine. Eric sure didn't until the ball came right at him at the right time. It might look like luck, but the reality is he has spent a life time practicing and preparing. It is great to see it pay off in such a high profile way.

Kicking myself I did not make one more bid on his autographed baseball at a local fundraiser a few weeks ago. Hope I get another chance.


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