Monday, September 21, 2009

I have not found many blogs about the toy industry. The leader as far as I can tell is Richard Gottlieb at He does a good job of keeping his ear to the ground about the toy industry. I find myself checking out his blog fairly often both for his comments and the comments left by others.

This week he wrote an entry about a novel that uses puzzles in the narrative.

I have not read the book, but with a bunch of travel coming up in October, I will grab a copy and read it on the airplane. I liked what Richard wrote about the ability of puzzles to bring people together. Everyone is looking for ways to connect today. A good puzzle, a cup of coffee (or Diet Coke), and a bag of popcorn is sure to facilitate hours of conversation and comradery.

Once you get to Richards blog, be sure to spend some time looking through his archives. He has a lot of insight about what is going in the toy industry and the toy aisle.

And if you know of any other blogs about toys and puzzles, let me know.


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