Monday, September 7, 2009

A nice article in the Sunday paper here in town on the Lafayette Puzzle Factory. I wish I could claim all the credit for our initial success, but I can't. I have a lot of help.

Overall, I thought the series of articles captured the mood in Lafayette quite well. Despite setbacks, most people are optimistic things will get better. They just are not sure when. But everyone hopes soon.

Lafayette does have a great economic foundation with Purdue University, the medical community and being the county seat. Add to that the heavy industry companies (CAT, Subaru, Wabash National) and their sub-contractors, and while things are tough, the economy is pretty diverse. We are not reliant on just one major employer like a lot of towns.

I am confident things will turn around soon here and across the country.


PS: I should clarify one aspect of the article. I never took a buy out from Warren Industries. I resigned on my own after considering a relocation to another division in New Jersey. The job with the sporting goods company was with Tippmann Sports in Ft. Wayne, IN. Tippmann makes paintball guns. They are a great company and make a great product right in Ft. Wayne. I enjoyed working there and still keep in touch with many of my former co-workers. Anyone looking to buy a paintball gun should look for a Tippmann. I have an A5 with an e-grip. It is great fun to use and very easy to maintain.

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